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Jake Pavelka’s ex-girlfriend will appear on Inside Edition Tuesday, March 16 in a first-person interview where she will go into detail about her relationship with The Bachelor – a relationship that allegedly continued during and after recording of the show.

According to , “She’ll be displaying personal photos of her private moments with Jake, as well as providing new details about their relationship… A couple photos of Tanya and Jake and stories about how Jake visited Tanya’s home in Marianna and told her father privately he was serious about dating her? Here’s the complete transcription from the interview: “The person I fell in love with is not the same person everyone saw on TV, not at all,” says the most recent Bachelor’s ex-girlfriend, Tanya Douglas.

got heated when Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi had to talk about how their relationship worked out after the show.

He accused her of cheating while she denied it and called him a liar.

He called out the name “Katie” and when an unexpected woman came forward to accept the rose, he had to correct it.

“I’m very embarrassed to tell you this,” he said, “Katie, I accidentally called out the wrong name giving that last rose.” A rose was given to the woman he meant to call out, but Katie kept her rose too.

She denied this accusation, but the rumor still persisted.

We’re in the Jake Pavelka give a hoot doldrums between . Now Douglas is speaking out publicly for the first time, exclusively to INSIDE EDITION.

Here are the 8 most controversial moments of all time on The Bachelor star is typically cryptic about his feelings for most of the season for a reason.

It makes it more suspenseful that the audience can’t guess who is going to be picked.

The reality star had the pleasure of being the bachelor twice.

But he had a terrible reputation in the second run — to the point where a woman slapped him when she first met him!

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“I fell in love with what I believe was maybe a lie,” she tells INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander.

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