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Sure enough, the seventh ruler in the dynasty was the last.In honour of the legend, the flag of the Nizams featured a kulcha.The whole of the city seems to be under construction or renovation and the roads are jammed because flyovers are being constructed. The "old city" that was once the seat of the Nizam, the ruler of the largest and the most opulent "princely state", and the twin city of Secunderabad where the British maintained a cantonment to keep the army within striking distance of the Nizam can be seen only if you take the time out to see them.Hyderabad's many epithets include the City of Pearls, the City of Nawabs, the Biryani City and, because of its high-tech draw, Cyberabad.North Zone (Begumpet, Secunderabad, Malkajgiri, Trimulghery, Alwal and Kundanbagh.)The North Zone is the erstwhile British Cantonment area of Secunderabad.Completely different from the South Zone, this zone is far more cleaner and organised than the former.

Hyderabad district is entirely contained within the Ranga Reddy district of Telangana.

Legend has it that while on a hunting expedition, he met a holy man who offered him some kulchas and asked him to eat as much as he could.

Asaf Jah ate only seven, and the holy man prophesied that his dynasty would last for seven generations.

The British maintained their army in nearby Secunderabad to protect the Nizam and to ensure that he did not do any mischief.

Hyderabad state was the richest in the country and in the 1930s Time magazine rated the Nizam the richest man in the world.

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Also called Old City or Purana Shahr, the South Zone is home to Hyderabad's most lively and authentic shopping experience.