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Like ex parte reexamination, the procedure is before patent examiners, whose decisions can be reviewed by the PTAB. Intended to be similar to a court proceeding, the parties argue before an Administrative Patent Judge, not a patent examiner.

The challenger must show a reasonable likelihood of successfully invalidating one claim before the PTAB will agree to grant a petition for review.

The principle that patent infringement occurs even when the allegedly infringing activity falls outside the literal scope of the patent claims, but its elements are identical or equivalent to each claimed element of the patented invention.

European Patent Office, which is the operating arm of the European Patent Organisation (also EPO), which is an independent treaty organisation that is not part of the European Union, although there is a substantial overlap in membership.

Like utility patents, design patents must be nonobvious but this standard is harder to apply to designs. A person directly infringes a patent if she actually performs all of the steps of at least one method claim of the patent; or sells, manufacture, uses, or imports a product that contains all of the elements of at least one system or apparatus claim of the patent.Unlike an IPR, a CBM can challenge a patent not just as invalid due to prior art, but also as invalid because it's an abstract idea or because it fails to adequately define or describe the invention under 35 U. A lawsuit in which one party asks the court to resolve an issue and declare its judgment.In patent litigation, a company that thinks it may be accused of infringing may choose to file a declaratory judgment action, asking the court to declare that the patent is not infringed and/or invalid.Also abbreviated "FR."The actual USPTO folder into which documents pertaining to the prosecution of a particular patent application are deposited, including correspondence between the applicant and the USPTO, bibliographic information, paper filings, and office actions.The USPTO file wrapper system has transitioned to electronic form, and much of this information is now available electronically through the USPTO's public PAIR. An independent regulatory agency charged with consumer protection and competition policy, which conducted several influential studies on how patents work in practice.

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