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For as the other Perfections were all levelled againft fome point of Truth or other, wherein the Obedience of Ffiitkviis concerned, Refpetting either the Exiftence and Worfhip of the True GOD, orthe Ptrfon, Natures or Offices of JE^US CHRIST &c* So this Perfection was directly bended againft that Oifice and Atftfcotity of JESUS CHRIST, whereupon his Formal Claim to the Obe» dienceof His Churcb k$Q\inded,viz. This was the peculiar Depofjum concredited to the Church of CHRIST in Scotland, and her dvftinguifhing Dignity, to have the Royal\Supremacy ef the King of Zion to defend againft the Kings 0/ the Earth, who not content with the Piincely Authority of Ruling the Perfons of their Sub : je£l$\ according* to the Laws of GOD and the Realm, would needs Ur furpa Blafphemous Sacrilegious Prerogative of Ruling the Church and donfciences of Men in Room of the Mediator, by what Laws and Sta- tutes they pleafed andfoundmoft fubfervient to their *Lufls,for Advance- ment -of Popery and Arbitrary Government. TESUi CURl ST the only Begotten of the Father having received the Church of Scotland,^ one of the utmoft Ifles of the Earth for Hii Pojfeffien by Solemn grant from JEHOVAH, was pleafed., as to call her frqp/the Deplorable State of Pagan?

and Reform her from the Ruinous Condition of Antrchrijlian darkncfs - r fo to dignifie her in a peculiar manner, to contend and Suffer for that Truth, THAT HE IS A KING AND LAW*: G1VJER TO HIS CHURCH,having power to inftitute her Form of Go- vernment, *to give Jier Laws, Officers, and Cenfures whereby (he mould be Governed, and hath not left it Ambulatory and uncertain what Go- vernment he will haye in force for the ordering of His Houfe, but hath exprefly determined in His Word every necei Tary part thereof, and hath not put any Powerinto the handsof any Mortal, whether Pope, Prelate, , Prince, or Potentate, asa vicarious Head in His Per (bnal abfence, where- by they may alter the. pleafu re and make •what kind of Officers, Canons and Cenfures they pleafe •, but all the* Power that this King hath left in his Church, concerning her Govern- ment, is purely and properly Minifterial under the Direction and Regu- lation of His Soveraign Pleafure, Revealed in His written Word.

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Seftion, intituled^ Ati for Prefer vat ion of His Afajefii^s Per [on, Authority and Government, Wt doth with the advice of his Eftates o!

Parliament declare, That the Affembly, kept at Glafgow in the Tear 1638, was in it I elf ( after the fame was by his Majefly Difcharged, un- der the pain of Tie aj on ) an unlawful and Seditious Meeting \ Andthkt all theje Gatherings, Convocations, Petitions, Proteftations, and crefbing and keeping Council-Tables, that were ufed in the beginning, and for carry* ing on the Latt Troubles ( thus they call the Work of Reformation Jwere unlawful and Seditious \ And that theje Oaths, whereof the One was com* monly called the National Covenant, and the other A Solemn Le.

For as this was ftiil the Principal Queftion put to them I own ye the Kings Authority I J and the chief Article of their Indictment if they either anfwered in the Negative or kept filence j So 'Ci S'evident that by this Queftion they really meant not to his Civil Authority only, but alfo his pretended Claim to Supreme Headftip *ver the Church.

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