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Firstly, the sudden urge to critique myself: So am I a deviant? Secondly, how did this conversation devolve so quickly into sexting? No surprise that that relationship ended badly, and the reason I’m back on Bumble. There’s so much experimentation and radical porn confusing the issue. But under the spotlight in that seedy bar, surrounded by exuberant millennials calling out more and more risqué scenarios, I froze. After all, she’s been whispering “you’re a prude” in my ear for almost forty years. Apparently everyone else was perfectly comfortable going full monty. I moved forward in life with shameful questions about my body, my sexuality, whether I was too uptight, whether I was a prude, whether I was ‘deviant’ enough. This is exactly what is wrong with online dating today.

“A lot of that is to set the stage for when the employer does something — they’re making sure the employee knew or potentially knew it was coming,” says Erb. If your boss doesn’t mind you calling home on the landline at your desk, most likely they’re not going to bat an eye at you texting your mother every once in a while, even if an employer is monitoring your text messages.To his credit, this particular dude lasted a whole five days before the smut talk began. I mean you’re the one who messaged me,” I responded, trying to squirm out of an already uncomfortable exchange. And by the way, what ever happened to the whole concept of courting?And before I could steer the conversation back to horticulture, he was asking for more pics. “I know baby, but I was hoping for something more intimate.”Why is he calling me “baby”? And by the way, I’m beginning to hate the word “intimate”. I remember the first guy who asked me out on an actual date! Furiously punching keys on my register, trying to get rid of my customer, and her hideous sweater purchase, so I could say “Yes”. And truthfully this particular guy seems to have a big heart and a sweet disposition.Laws covering what an employer can and cannot do are different depending on the state in which you work, Erb says, but “most states recognize that if it’s employer-provided equipment, the employer is going to have a lot of leeway to monitor, clear off or even brick a device they’ve given you.” You can check your state’s regulations by contacting the state attorney general, says Erb, but some states, especially those not known to lean toward regulations, won’t have any laws in place yet.Employer snooping could go a lot further than that, says Schumacher.

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My last long-term boyfriend broke up with me so he could screw a multitude of women in their twenties. I once got asked by a comedian at an open mic night what the most risky thing I’d ever done in bed was. You’re conjuring some Fifty Shades of Grey kink-fest fantasy already?

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