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She is currently in the process of producing her own product line that includes a DVD/Audio series and e-books, and she published two books in 2012: “The Art of MAN-ifesting Mr. Downtown has lots of hookah bars and even if you don’t smoke, they’re great places to meet people.

Right” and “The Science of being Sexy.” Lorraine also leads live seminars and weekend workshops, often at Downtown bars and restaurants, where she helps clients test their newfound skills and learn what works best for each one. To meet people, you have to put yourself out there. Go to a sports bar on Super Bowl Sunday or to watch the Aztecs play. To learn more about Lorraine and her dating services and workshops, visit her website at De Anna

“I remember their arguments and I felt like if I had the tools, and better relationship skills, I could have mediated their differences.” While she couldn’t do that, she has vowed to help others hone their skills at attracting lasting love. “Men make the mistake that women are won over by the perfect and nice gentleman,” she explained. “On the other hand, the biggest misconception women make is thinking men are complicated.

They assume there is a deep meaning to what guys do. If a man is into you, you’ll know it.” Another misconception, she says, is that guys aren’t looking for serious love.

“Sometimes, you have to clean a guy’s glasses and get them to see who they can be a mate with,” she said. Error: The user must be an administrator, editor, or moderator of the page in order to impersonate it.

Logs from the wooded hillsides were skidded down to Yesler's sawmill and wharf.Type: OAuth Exception Code: 190Subcode: 492Please refer to our Error Message Reference.Pioneer Square marks Seattle's original downtown, dating back to 1852.Faced with virtually no pressure for redevelopment, the district's remarkable stand of turn-of-the-century buildings remained.By the 1960s a City plan called for the construction of a ring road around the downtown that would have required razing many of the district's historic buildings.

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This section reviews Pioneer Square's history; answers to frequently asked questions; Pioneer Square Preservation Board guidelines, printable PDF application form, schedule and agenda.