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In this tutorial, we will install and configure Jenkins on the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

We'll use Helm to install Jenkins, which will then be set up to run CI pipelines on the same Kubernetes cluster.

If you're starting out on learning about Kubernetes and containers, you should proceed to learn about Kubernetes networking policies.

This lab is geared toward basic Kubernetes concepts that you should have in your arsenal.

So you're interested in securing a container-based system? You'll learn about some techniques to improve the architecture, design, and practices of a containerized application.

We'll cover general security tips for containers and show you how containers can actually increase security for your apps.

Anti-forgery tokens are a security mechanism to defend against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks.(Which is exactly what I would like to achieve) So is it possible to disable the bootstrap form validation and use the default one instead?Hi to all, i want to use a rich text (tiny MCE) editor for my Edit Products view page and uppon posting the data to the controller, i get an Http Request Validation Exception since the posted data consist of Html tags and could be a script attack. But i want to use the editor, so I try to use Validate Request="false" inside the page directive (thus becoming responsible for validating user input).The problem is that Validate Request directive doesn't seem to work, since i get the same error message again.I have aslo tried to disable the request validation from the wweb.config file, but it didn't work either. thanks When you ask a question, remember to click "mark as answered" when you get a reply which answers your question; this ensures the right forum member gets credit below for being helpful (and makes search more relevant too). But, do have any idea for the reason that the validate request in the page directive gets ignored?

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