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But it’s liberating as well, and that’s the strength of “Plan B,” this pivotal episode.Written by Lisa Long and co-creator Nick Antosca and directed by Steven Piet, the hour aces the extremely difficult task of portraying Gypsy’s sexual self-actualization in a way that reflects its sordid context, but also captures all the excitement and heat people feel when they discover what gets them off, and realize they have both the partner and the power required to do it again and again.The hate is just festering in Gypsy’s eyes now, but there’s more to it than that.Gypsy lives with her worst enemy, but she’s done so her worst enemy, and her worst enemy, in her own fucked-up way, loves her too.resumes for its fifth episode, she’s dressing up in provocative clothing to have cybersex with her internet boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn.She does this several times throughout the episode.As Gypsy submits to the ritual, which is all that it is, she stares furiously at her mother.

As Gypsy’s face curdles with contempt, the words “THE ACT” are superimposed over it, connecting her anger to the murder.

It’s not cutting off any possibility of Gypsy and Nick talking to each other that she regrets, nor publicly berating and humiliating him. Pepper, which she’d denied due to her nonexistent sugar allergy.

For the briefest second before the cut to the next scene, Gypsy’s eyes go cold as the grave she’ll soon be sending her mother to. “I’m here,” reads the final text message from Nick when he returns to town following the movie-theater debacle to murder Dee Dee on Gypsy’s behalf.

It happens again after Nick, in a misguided simulacrum of star-crossed romance narratives, calls Dee Dee to anonymously report that he’s in love with her daughter and that they’ll be together forever.

Dee Dee hangs up and says nothing about the content of the call to Gypsy, a surprise given the expected harangue that would normally result.

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It’s almost a masturbatory act on Dee Dee’s part — an attempt at self-gratification directed at the part of her that cannot bear the thought of her daughter differentiating from the mother-child bond, but which is no longer together enough to formulate functional plans to keep this from happening.

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