Datingpro pilot reveiw

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Datingpro pilot reveiw

So unwieldy visually, I paid for a Word press template upgrade - nothing like it.I get so frustrated that I keep having to send numerous emails to chase what hasn't been completed by the developers that I have to calm down before the next session.IT WOULD BE MORE ECONOMICAL FOR BOTH THEM & ME IF THEY JUST USED A WORDPRESS STYLE TEMPLATE FOR EVERYONE BECAUSE WHAT THEY PAY FOR IN CUSTOMER SERVICE COULD BE REDUCED & SPENT MORE PROFITABLE ELSEWHERE IN THIER SIDE OF THINGS.Overall: Nothing yet by Pilot Group on June 11, 2018 Chon, thank you for sharing your experience with us.Cons: You need to be a developer to get the most out of this application and build a unique dating service.I don't only mean being a blogger who knows how to install a WP from c Panel with a few SEO plugins, I mean a real developer with HTML and CSS skills with a basic understanding of conditional statements and PHP because if you want to control the output of information on your site you need to learn their template system which uses an implementation of the code igniter library.I should say here that their support staff were able to explain to me how to successfully implement my custom template views and described it very well but I am a web developer of over 18 years.

I study people for a living, and know that I am working with honest, intelligent and creative individuals. by Pilot Group on June 19, 2019 Hello, Mary Thank you very much for your review. Pros: Very little other that pre sales & customer support.It's true that software solutions get outdated fast, and one needs to keep going to stay on top of the latest trends.We try to do exactly that and thank you for your idea about the Word Press themes.I liked the idea that it had won industry software awards and a white label option but not living up to expectations Cons: Not at all easy to use - quite archaic.After several upgrades, add ons and change of template I have nothing like a working site that I am happy to advertise as it is still FULL of glitches from eye end, let alone the user end. When the developers are involved, you don't get confirmation of a solution.

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