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And, for those of you who are reading this and saying to yourselves, “the Big Book doesn’t say that,” go and look – right now – bottom of 133 and top of 134 – you’ve got to love it.

I hope you enjoyed this humorous look at the differences between what “they say” and what the “Big Book says,” and that you also found it useful.

” At least that way, they’ll discover whether what someone is telling them came out of the Big Book or is just someone’s experience or opinion.

As the science and psychology of addiction evolves, the role of Alcoholics Anonymous may change somewhat, but is likely to remain a cornerstone of many people’s aftercare efforts, if not their overall recovery journeys.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a global, community-based program that was created to help those struggling with problematic drinking get sober with the support of their peers through daily meetings and discussions surrounding addiction. The Relevance of Twelve-Step Recovery in 21st Century Addiction Medicine.

Its concept revolves around that premise that alcoholism is an illness that can be managed, but not controlled.

After four or six weeks dry, he’d be back at the liquor store.

By the time he was a practicing defense attorney, J. (who asked to be identified only by his initials) sometimes drank almost a liter of Jameson in a day. He lived in Minnesota—the Land of 10,000 Rehabs, people there like to say—and he knew what to do: check himself into a facility.

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His choice of profession seems preordained, as he speaks in fully formed paragraphs, his thoughts organized by topic sentences. started drinking at 15, when he and a friend experimented in his parents’ liquor cabinet.