Dating walt disney items

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Dating walt disney items

By February 1924, Disney had hired his first animator, Rollin Hamilton, and moved into a small storefront with a window bearing the sign “Disney Bros.

Due to a lack of clients, however, the duo only survived for about a month.

In his free time, Disney made up games and sketched the farm animals.

In 1909, Elias sold the farm and purchased an established newspaper route in Kansas City, where he moved his remaining family.

On October 16, 1923, Disney and Roy rented a room at the back of a real estate office in Hollywood.

Roy took on the role of accountant and cameraman of the live action; a little girl was hired to act in the cartoons; two women were hired to ink and paint the celluloid, and Disney wrote the stories and drew and filmed the animation.

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Wanting to join Roy, who was fighting in World War I, Disney tried to join the Army but at age 16 he was too young.

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