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Posted by / 06-Oct-2019 02:45

Being lonely and thus trying to find someone is not a reason to get married.

Everything needs to be 'right' otherwise thumbs down it or suffer the potential consequences down the road.

-Someone who is non-shallow and non-materialistic -Someone who has some ambition The other stuff is mostly window dressing.

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Do you believe all men look for same thing in a wife or is this for discussion and feedback?

Unless you plan on changing yourself to fit someone elses needs, decide the qualities you're looking for in a husband.

Does she work well with them, is she caring or is she indifferent toward them?

In chronological order 1)Loyalty 2)Open Mind 3) Not CONFRONTATIONAL NO NAGGING.. Money I don't care about.they have to look okay.they don't have to be Hallie Berry or Kelly Hu.that would be a BIG plus..

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