Dating the enemy 1996 christian dating guidelines rules

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Dating the enemy 1996

And Claudia Karvan also plays both characters, because an extraordinary thing happens one night while they're asleep: they switch bodies.

Both gain a lot more understanding when something magical happens and they find that they have switched bodies.He was simply right for the role - or roles, to be exact.Because in the new Australian romantic comedy, Dating the Enemy, Guy Pearce plays not only Brett, the charming but uncommitted half of a relationship, but also Tash, the smart but hot tempered young woman in his life."At school I was always the sprinter, not the long distance runner.I sort of go in, hit hard and get out of there." But for long term plans, Guy is singularly empty handed: "I always feel I should have a ready answer for that question...

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As an actor you're often restrained and restricted..." The reality is that Guy Pearce is not driven by ambition, he is not about to reach for superstardom, he is not moving to Los Angeles.

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  1. It’s also important to remember that if you’ve spent a lot of time around others with addiction, it can be difficult to connect with people who are healthy and well.