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If you know of insurance fraud taking place, report it to the Delaware Department of Insurance at 302-674-7350, or email [email protected] you are looking for a long-term relationship or a friendly first date in Sussex, you can meet prospective new people through online dating.

The charges allege that in November, 2017, Arlene Belfield, pretending to be her terminally ill mother, contacted AAA Insurance by phone to obtain a ,000 Life Insurance policy with the intent to defraud.Belfield was charged with insurance fraud, identity theft, forgery 2 degree and crime against a vulnerable adult.She was arraigned in Superior Court and released on her own recognizance. Back in 1919, when horses were still more common than cars, the Branchville Riding Club formed.Since then, this event has evolved into the 10-day spectacular of the Sussex County Fair!

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Originally, the Sussex County riding club held a horse show for its members’ children.

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