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After that, an obstacle to their love would crop up, and after a struggle, the main characters overcome their love obstacle, and they live happily ever after. "I want the male lead to be just like you, Seiji, and the more similar he is to you the better! This is gender equality." ' Gender equality that's not what it means!

"I'd like your opinion on the specifics, though." "I see." Chiaki nodded in understanding. " "Yes, I'll take whatever you say into consideration and do my best to write it in. Even if he's dressed like a girl, he needs to seem like one of those girls who appear powerful and spirited, not the weak type who need protecting. ' Seiji didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Thank you, Editor Yoshizawa." "I should be the one thanking you, Harano," Saki replied. "I think this book of yours is incredibly fun to read. "It's a wonderfully written story." Both of them had already read the draft that Seiji sent them multiple times.

"Mayuzumi hasn't had any nightmares for the past few days, and her androphobia is well on track to being cured now. I'm truly grateful for what you've done." "Editor Yoshizawa..." "In the future, if there's anything I can help you with, please let me know," Saki said solemnly. I've already read it three times." Chiaki smiled. "I have more confidence after hearing your reviews," Seiji said with a smile.

Their parents agreed to their engagement long ago, and everyone else thinks they're a perfect match! After the end of the finals on the second day, Seiji split up from Chiaki and Mika and headed towards the president's residence.

I intend to write the light novel and work on the game storyline simultaneously." "Will you be able to cope? "And as for the game storyline, I need to discuss that with you before anyone, Chiaki.

Do you have any thoughts regarding the female lead's route? "First, I'd like to ask you somethingwhat are you intending to write about me? I'm just using you as inspiration." Seiji rubbed his chin.

These locations were often used for negotiations, shady deals, meetings, fights, murders, kidnappings, or imprisonment… Well, this was truly a suitable place indeed for meeting with a high-ranked member of a terrorist organization like the Messengers. Seiji then heard footsteps as a dark gray shadowy figure walked into the factory.

Seiji cautiously walked into the factory and looked around. This person was wearing gray long pants and a black hoodie with the hood up.

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