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Come be a part of our family as we together strive to love greater, do greater and be greater.Wet Seal began as Lorne’s in 1962 in Newport Beach, California. The chain focuses on young women’s clothing and accessories. In 1995, the company acquired Contempo Casuals from Neiman Marcus. Thank god for social media, wet seal will be blasted for their incompetence, lack of knowledge of the law, defamation, and stalking. They have no idea how to function in a service industry. Reply ILeft repeated messages for Exec Asst Shannon & CEO Melanie Cox. Finally got call back from Christine, the exact same person who was beyond rude and dismissive re her subordinate who repeatedly LIED to me, wasting my time & energy as a disabled person. I don’t like seeing people who lied to get their job try to make other people feel small.Meanwhile, Don, like many people had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur.In 1964 at the age of 44, an advanced time in life for becoming an entrepreneur, he began his own company, Irvine CA based Shiley Laboratories. Viking Bjork and together they created a revolutionary heart valve.But also during the Great Depression, if something broke, such as farm equipment, Don learned to fix it for his family couldn’t afford to pay someone else to do it. A top student, Don earned a scholarship to Oregon State University, but left to enlist in the Navy during World War ll.After the war, using the GI Bill, he got college funding and graduated from the University of Portland with an engineering degree. They have no idea what Customer service is and they make paying customers feel like they have no business being in the store. Told Customer Service Agent this was their very last chance. South shore Mall in Massachusetts has a very rude ignorant assistant manager who does not have a high school education and treats her customers very immaturely!! There are so many charges that can be brought against this company. Very time consuming & difficult to read info with magnifying glass over the phone. Reply I was under the impression you hired at least high school educated people especially in your management areas.

She quit that job to devote herself to Don and this is where our story takes a very interesting twist.

But after his wife died, he became very lonely and it seemed nothing could fill the void of her loss.

Then a friend suggested they fly to the San Francisco Bay Area to see a play starring an actress he thought Don would enjoy meeting.

On Don’s Beechcraft Bonanza, they flew up from Orange County and watched the play, “A Lion in Winter,” and afterward, he went backstage and met actress, Darlene Loran.

At first, the meeting didn’t seem to amount to anything. Yet despite the age difference, the marriage lasted for 33 years until he died on July 31st, 2010 at the age of 90.

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For those who already know Him, we are here to support one another in our spiritual growth and serve together to reach others with the same love and grace that was extended to us.

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