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Home | Rolleigraphy | 6x6 cm TLR cameras | 4x4 cm TLR cameras | TLR Information | TLR Serial Numbers | TLR Comparative Chart | System 6000 | Repair Shops | Links | Photographers | Downloads | Colophon | Contact | Site Index A number of people have been involved in publishing Rolleiflex serial numbers lists.

The most extensive and reliable list is by Prochnow.

The reputation of the Rolleiflex precedes it in a big way.

Show one to any older photographer and they’re likely to either wax poetic about their perfect old Rolleiflex or lament their unfulfilled dreams of owning one.

Please see the Books paragraph on the ‘Information for TLR Users’ page.

Peter Rongsted did a lot of work linking the camera names used by Prochnow, Parker and Evans. The following charts are mainly based on Prochnow’s and Rongsted’s work.

The Rolleiflex is also one of those rare cameras whose fame stretched beyond the realm of photography.

After reviewing vintage cameras for a while, you tend to become distrustful of any camera or lens with a legendary reputation.

All of us here at CP have stories of disappointment with well-regarded cameras.

E- and E2-models are grouped together because the E2 was based on the E-model.

The E3, being based on the F-model, is grouped with the F-line.

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Or would the Rolleiflex prove to be another over-hyped relic unfit for modern hands?