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A bit edgier than its stateside counterparts, DIVA is one of those magazines that makes being a lesbian seem super-cool and sexy — from its annual “Naked Issue” to its annual “Sex Issue” to cover stars like Jane Lynch, Heather Peace, the girls and Leisha Hailey.

Recent issues feature stories about trans writer & publisher Paris Lees, “Lesbians Who Love Musicals,” smashing the “Lesbian Glass Ceiling,” Lesbian Misogynists, Sheffield’s gay scene, Glasgow’s Queercore night, Margaret Cho, Bisexuality for Beginners, Judy Chicago and naked lesbians.

Considering that I’m gay, have no interest in celebrity interviews (unless they’re gay) and “fashion” is a thing other people give me advice on but never something I feel confident approaching on my own, you’d think I have little need for lady mags. Let me tell you a story: Once upon a time in college, I was studying for my Hebrew final with a “pre-veterinarian” friend (studying for his Orgo final) in Barnes & Noble when I mourned my inability to get anything done at Barnes & Noble due to the café’s proximity to the magazine racks. Lesser // exec editor: Kat Long single issue: free [where to find go] GO Magazine has been the #1 source for lesbian nightlife and entertainment in the New York City area for about a decade, and is now distributed nation-wide.

I’d constantly get up and “borrow” new magazines and read them instead of studying. Fanatics may notice that with the exception of Barack Obama and trans icon Topher Gross, almost every GO!

[website] owned by gay & lesbian media company Millivres Prowler LTD editor-in-chief: Jane Czyzselska single issue: £3.65 UK/.99 US subscribe: £36 UK The first issue of DIVA was published in 1994, if you can believe it, and it remains the only monthly glossy newsstand magazine for lesbians in the UK (possibly in the world, now that I think about it).

[website] independently owned editor-in-chief: Debbie Stoller single issue: .99 subscribe: .95 // six issues BUST’s focus on DIY and independent musicians/writers/artists has made a major impact on girl culture and the lady-mag world.

Straight out of the gate, BUST was all about the crafting and other nerdy pursuits (feature articles are often about things like HISTORY!

The almost-monthly magazine chooses its cover models/interviewees carefully, sticking to women who have something to say, like Beth Ditto, Mindy Kahling, Amy Poehler, Diablo Cody, Amy Sedaris, Eve and Portia De Rossi.

The recent “Earth Issue” offered 51 Ways to Go Green Without Growing Broke, a feature on “how ladies are leading the eco-revolution” and “Urban Farming Made Easy.” Its “BUST DIY Guide to Life” and “BUST Guide to the New Girl Order” stand proudly on my bookshelf. — BUST consistently includes not-skinny models in its palatable fashion spreads.

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I felt that fashion magazines are about women looking at women, but there seems to be this imaginary man in the room. The photography is gorgeous, the design is engaging, the style is innovative and it lives up to its descriptor as “gentle, whimsical and ethereal in tone, mixing high fashion to fall in love with and interviews that feel like late night chats with people you wish you knew.” It’s sort of like We Heart It meets Sometimes you’ll find stretches of pages filled with original drawings and collages, sometimes you’ll find Carrie Brownstein interviewing Miranda July, and you’ll always find tons of wispy girls with dramatic faces wearing expensive clothing.

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