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Who you show up with to a bar or a club in Latin America can make or break your night. It’s the first mode of judgement available to another person. You may be a great, charming guy, but if you don’t present that through how you present or carry yourself, more often than not you’ll never get the chance to convey that to your girl of interest.I learned this the hard way when a couple of friends came to visit. This relates more to dating in Latin America than it does picking up.

I used to think "I can get laid without dancing, so why bother to learn? This is because there are many top-40 oriented venues that never play Salsa music.Your exotic status as a foreigner means absolutely nothing to a girl that can have her choice of the social elite in her home country.By and large, the highest quality girls I've slept with in Mexico and South America were thanks to social circles.Social proof is also incredibly important when it comes to meeting women in Latin America.It's a way of vetting a guy to see if he's cool, trustworthy etc.

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I can usually pick up on social cues and avoid stepping on my dick when it comes to dating or talking to women. Here are some of the truths I've observed over the past couple years about dating in Latin America. In such instances all you have to do is apply "don't fuck it up" game and you should be able to take them home. Although this sounds great, if you rely on this game plan you'll never get a quality woman. Even worse, if you let a girl latch on to you as soon as you get to the club, you'll cock block yourself.