Dating in the navy good ice breakers for online dating

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Dating in the navy

We would flirt when he was visiting home, but I knew I couldn't date someone who was thousands of miles away. Because we've been friends for so long we're already really comfortable with one another, which is awesome.The sex is amazing, we have a lot in common and we genuinely enjoy each other's company.

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Being apart is hard, but it shouldn’t be hard to stay faithful. Uniforms are cute and all and ceremonies are exciting, but really, if you’re attached to the rank rather than the person, do yourself a favor and get out now.

That’s not a healthy way to begin a relationship and it’s not fair to the other person.

If you know that you want to be with that person and you’re committed, then go for it! If your whole identity is wrapped up solely in your service member, it is going to be a tough, lonely life.

But don’t let the sole reason for committing to someone be because of a deployment. Honestly, I think these are good things to think about before entering into any relationship– no matter the affiliation to the military.

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