Dating and marriage jokes

Posted by / 25-Jan-2020 12:11

Did you hear about the porcupine who was near-sighted? You turn it on just before your guests come over and pretend that your house is always like this. The voice of love seemed to call me, and then I realized that it was a wrong number. Being in love is a lot like central heating in your home. I was actually thinking it could be fun until that point, but now I’m wondering if they have ever even met me and actually get who I am. The guy responsible for apostrophes clearly has other issues as well.

What did the patient with the broken leg say to their doctor? I’m Pauline in love with you more and more each day. Did I tell you that the girl I have been seeing works at the zoo? And that is because you really ticked me off yesterday. Orange you going to kiss me instead of just standing there?

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You ever have one of those moments when an old friend sees or hears something and comments, Well, now I’m getting those thoughts about the owners of this site. The good news is that these Dating jokes were compiled by our researchers, who I have been told to refer to as “comic geniuses” for reasons that elude me. And judging by that sexist comment, I’m wondering if the owners didn’t just hire my uncle. Finish on a high, they said, but nobody told this guy.