Dating advice for nerds

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Be happy with what you do, and accept it as something legitimate or find hobbies that you enjoy. Quoted from another post about chasing the all powerful pussy.

Do not get into a hobby just because you might get a girlfriend. Dude, you are either a horrible troll (but since I know plenty of guys like you I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt) or a horrible person.

Getting a girlfriend will not make your life better. What you see from other people, in real life and on Reddit, are simple pictures out of lives.

They are single snapshots, with little depth that don't show the complications of a relationship.

They don't let their nerdy interests eclipse their entire being though.

I've never had a girlfriend before (In fact most of this nerdy stuff is just entertainment I've picked up because I need something to fill the void in my life) but I'm afraid that if I ever do get one she might find out about this stuff and then dump me. YOU MEAN THE THINGS THAT TRANSLATE DIRECTLY INTO FITNESS IN THIS MODERN WORLD?!?! But I have several female friends who are also like this, so we are hardly ".01%" of the population.

The only time I've seen girls have an issue with guys being nerdy is when all the guy can talk about is World of Warcraft.

I knew a guy who the only thing he ever talked about was Minecraft.

(Don't ask)Maybe I'm pissing you off and you don't want to answer me this, but I am asking. Before getting with a girl, sort out your own delusions and ridiculous mindsets and problems because otherwise you're just going to be miserable, end up in a miserable relationship and hurt people. I have a Magic deck (sweet ass artifact deck), roleplay on occasion, and still mix with the cool kids, who think I'm cooler I know I'm not a girl or a non-nerd but... Do you have any hobbies outside of Dn D, Magic and Comic Books? I have hobbies, that doesn't cause an issue with dating.

And I do apologise for the bluntness, but this is beyond irritating. The problem is there seems to be this false dichotomy in your mind that you can not be nerdy and cool at the same time. I had people over on Saturday and was showing off the models I had painted.

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Sure, she may like that facade, but I sure hope you like keeping up such a thing for years on end. You didn't say, but I'm going to keep going. You've given up what you do so you can maybe get laid, and get married, as if those are the only next steps.

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