Dating a workmate Black bull sex chat

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Dating a workmate

I have become close to a workmate [f39] who is also having relationship trouble.

We have not been physical but I find myself thinking about her like a teenage crush.

I feel like a teenager again, I think that these are all the kind of feelings I wish I had had for my wife.

For the record, we have never laid a finger on each other, never kissed, never declared our love for each other but I get the feeling that the reason she has been opening up to me is to invite me into her life./r/relationships I am laying myself bare in front of you to dissect.

You chose to marry her and you chose in the last 22 years not to undo that commitment. You don't get to pretend to be a good husband and pursue your colleague at the same time, either you are a scumbag cheater, you take your life into your own hands and get divorced or you decide to work on your marriage. This “we supported each other through our rough marriages” line is so lame. First, you are unhappy in your marriage but rather than try and do something about that like go to counseling or consider ending things you are having an emotional affair with this person you work with who is also possibly unhappy in her marriage. Since you sound unhappy about how life has turned out you have no idea if being with this other woman would be that much better.

Don't be the usual cheating trash who implodes everyone's lives with their selfishness. No, you went and gossiped about your wife with your younger female coworker instead of talking to your wife like an adult. You had a fantasy in your head that did not match reality and for that you are blaming your wife. You seem to be placing the burden for making you happy on other people, your wife does not "make" you happy but this random work person does.

Not this other woman, or any chance you may have with her.

I knew then that in that emotional state we could be vulnerable to some crazy ideas so I made sure that the support we gave each other was only that.

I have always thought that she was a pretty special person and we have always been really good work buddies, i know that what we have now might be described as an emotional affair.

Dammit I can't get her out of my head and when I think about her I feel happy.

I have been married for twenty two years, together for twenty three, we have two sons who are both adults and my wife's two daughters who have their own families and children.

I cannot describe the majority of my married life as satisfying or as having made me happy.

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When we first met I was flattered because she pursued me, we had some fun but I allowed myself to be rushed into marriage.

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