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Related: How to Boost Your Motivation A hallmark of ADHD is the need for distraction, and what better to keep you preoccupied than your phone?You might find yourself texting while someone’s trying to talk to you, or tapping out a quick status update on the sly during a meeting.It’s a developmental disorder, meaning that it begins when you’re a kid, says Anthony Rostain, M.D., the medical director for the adult developmental disorders section at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.Another risk factor: Playing with your phone while driving, says Dr. You might do it because of instant gratification—traffic jams are boring, you think, but skimming through some tweets can break the monotony.Resist the urge: Texting while driving can raise your risk of a crash by 23-fold, according to research from Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.It’s when it starts to become habitual—like if you bail on rock climbing a few weeks after bidding farewell to the fowl—that it may signal a bigger issue.Related: The 10 Manliest Hobbies On Earth Yep, your propensity to flip other motorists off might actually be a symptom of adult ADHD.

They might just fidget, but they can also be more likely to actually get up and go, whether it’s to the water fountain or the bathroom. Do you often interrupt him or even finish his sentences? You might be impatient, but it also can have something to do with working memory.

“It’s a combination of being angry at the situation they are in, feeling trapped, and feeling like they’ve misjudged their time and are going to be late,” says Dr. “A lot of people are afraid of what those consequences will be.” Related: How to Stop Road Rage Before It Starts We’ve all crammed to finish that report after starting it at the last minute.

But adults with ADHD tend to struggle with procrastination more habitually: The night before the big presentation becomes their normal get-started time.

The problem, though, is that they may not follow through with the hobbies, says Dr. How about some Rosetta Stone software from when you vowed to teach yourself French?

​ Now, there’s no shame in wanting to try, say, bird watching, only to discover a couple weeks in that you can’t stand the noisy critters.

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But ADHD commonly can persist into adulthood, causing problems with your job, other responsibilities, or your relationship. Just remember: Sharing these characteristics doesn’t mean you definitely need to pee?