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For a girl used to American macho, this was about as expected like John Wayne asking for second coat of nail polish.This is not to say that American men are perfect: they wear baseball caps everywhere but the shower, and their idea of child care often involves letting the child sit beside them while they watch basketball on TV.But I've done a lot of travelling, and I must say that the relations between the sexes in Denmark are the strangest I've ever seen.The women do everything: they initiate, they seduce, they even get on top, and the men seem to expect it.The articles below appeared first appeared in BT, Denmark's most widely circulated tabloid newspaper.

Needless to say, I have my own issues with Danish culture, and in fine American fashion, I have figured out a way to make money off them.Either that, or worse, he will sit home and sulk about it.Last year, I briefly dated a good-looking triathlete, a guy with a hot job and a fancy car, the kind of guy that in New York would have arrogance preceding him into the room like a bad after shave.Most women want the same thing, although they'd probably like it to last longer than three minutes.Yet you see Danish men and women in parks in the summer, sitting alone on blankets, or in cafes in the winter surrounded by their buddies or girlfriends with their hair carefully gelled, lonely and horny but contemptous of anyone who dares to approach.

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My date arrived on time, and when I saw him coming through the door, I was pleased. Ask Danish men why they don't chat up women, and they say that women don't want to be approached.

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