Cringe dating disasters

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Cringe dating disasters

Besides, dating from a young age meant that I had never been on a ‘real first date’ so I was a little wary of the ‘online dating’ scene to say the least.

Eventually I found this attractive guy from Essex who I seemed to connect with and asked him out on a date.

I probably shouldn’t have asked but I was convinced that the first date couldn’t get any worse. This so called five year plan consisted of ‘marriage, babies and meeting the ‘rents’. I like to get to know people before I start thinking of having babies together, B. flying me out to New York to meet your parents when I have only just met you is a little cray-cray.

His exact words were ‘I think we could make beautiful babies together, then get married and I can fly you out to my parents in New York’. Besides, I like to think that the guy I would do all of these things with would be my soulmate and you my dear MR TOOL, are not getting into my pants anytime soon.

We arranged to meet in the ‘classy’ Spoons (his choice not mine) and while my stomach was grumbling out for food, he said he’d rather not eat and that we ‘should have drinks instead’.

I pointed out that I was hungry and was going to get myself some food but he ‘firmly told me’ that he does not like to watch girls eat in front of him, because it ‘puts him off’.

Truth was I didn’t need a boyfriend to make me happy and for the first time in five years I felt relieved that I was no longer in a relationship.

I had controlling boyfriends, ones that used me to make themselves look better and the cheating exes.

Whether your first date was grim, cringe or downright creepy, Faded Spring wants to hear from you.

I almost felt sorry for him at this point, he was obviously so deluded that he had kidded himself into thinking that we had this ‘fantasy dream date’ that evidently I don’t remember being part of as it was a shitstorm from the get go.

I sent him a final message wishing him luck in the future and promptly blocked him. While I have had plenty of dating disasters, this was the first ‘real date’ I had been on outside of a relationship and one of the worst first dates I have been on to this day.

I made my excuses to leave and he told me ‘what’s the rush’ lets get started on that five year plan and begin with step one- sex’.

I mean call me crazy but I am pretty sure I told you more than once that I wasn’t interested and you think that the best way to woo me is confirm every suspicion I had about you and use me for sex?

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