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Posted by / 18-Feb-2020 22:50

It’s a change in how I work that is still progressing and, while it’s not without its annoyance, it’s a lot better than having to wade through an inbox with fragmented “Reply All” conversations.

The activity feed tells me where I need to be by highlighting where I’ve been mentioned or where things that involve me have activity.

While some people have different preferences and ways of working, it’s important to align usage of Microsoft Teams between team members – to ensure consistency and stability.

Make sure everyone is at the same speed and working the same way.Loryan Strant is a Microsoft Office 365 MVP with over 20 years of experience in network and web technologies.He currently serves as an Office 365 consultant for various organizations and has a passion for helping people work as efficiently as possible.They are also capable of choosing the level of functionality they desire when they subscribe to the platform.The full suite of traditional Microsoft Office applications are available to them to produce documents and presentations, but in addition there are new tools that provide enhanced capabilities, as well as new features available via the classic programs that make sharing information much easier and more efficient, while allowing integration with other applications in the Microsoft 365 platform.

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The first is that because Microsoft Teams is replacing Skype for Business, they often think that’s all it is–just a communications tool. The last (and these are not in any particular order) is around the perception that anyone can use it.

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