Colonial dating and marriage

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Colonial dating and marriage

Free Negroes Listing: This search displays a list of all the marriages from this database indicated to have taken place between free people of color.

Record-keeping practices prior to emancipation frequently included the use of the notation "Free Negro" to indicate a record or event concerning a free person of color, whose legal rights and responsibilties differed from those of enslaved people.

This search seeks only words that are directly next to each other, so use as few search terms as possible for best results (for example: a search for “New Kent spinster” would return an entry with the notes field: Mary Smith, New Kent spinster, but would NOT return an entry with the notes field: Mary Smith, spinster, of New Kent County).

Date Field in Database: The dates listed in the marriage card files are not necessarily marriage dates.

Some obvious errors have been corrected in the transition from card index file to database, but researchers should use caution in accepting the information in the index as accurate without consulting the original source material.

Original sources were not referenced in the creation of the database from the card files.

Searches may be performed by using a single letter in the first name field and a full or partial name in the last name field.

For example: bride first name “M” and bride last name “Will” returns all results for brides with first names that begin with the letter M and whose maiden or husband’s last name is Will, Wills, Williams, or Williamson.

This search function is useful for seeking results such as every occurrence of the surname Smith in the database or for information solely from the notes field, such as an alternative spelling of a bride or groom’s name, the name of a guardian, or the county of residence if different from that in which the marriage took place.At Brown's Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, language and literature are a portal into the vast, vibrant world of Lusophone cultures. Learn more About the Department, explore our Events Calendar and News page, sample our unique Language Program, consider Study Abroad, or page through our in-house Journals and Publications.Amelia County 1735-1755 Marriage Bonds 1766-1789 Marriages (MAY) 1775-1825 Marriages 1856 Marriage Records, Partial 1857 Marriage Records, Partial Early Marriage Bonds, Groom Index: A-B C-D G-L M-R S-Z Early Marriage Records Amherst County 1763-1852 CAMDEN Marriages 1780 Miscellaneous Marriage Records 1796-1800 Marriages ("M") 1801-1813 HALL Family Marriage Bonds 1802 Various Marriages, Register, pg 160 1804-1894 Selected BRYANT Marriages 1857-1956 Misc.In addition, this index does not exhaust all available sources for the counties, nor is it a comprehensive index to Virginia marriages.For more information on the extent of the indexing, please see “More Information about the Marriage Records Collection.” This database was compiled from card index files created by people of varying skills.

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Bible MURPHY Bible CHAFFIN Records CHAFFIN Marriages HOGAN Marriages Society of Friends (Quaker) Marriages, 16 August, 1778 MARKHAM Marriages to 1850, Bride Index MARKHAM Marriage Bonds Marriages from Wm. Marriages 1876-1928 Marriages (WOODFORD Brides) 1895-1928 Marriages (WOODFORD Grooms) 1929-1971 Marriages (WOODFORD Grooms) 1933-1954 Marriages (WOODFORD Brides) Botetourt County 1770-1803 Marriages Bride Index 1770-1803 Marriages Groom Index 1783-1850 Misc. African-American Marriages COLE Bible IVIE, IVY, WELLS Marriages RICHARDSON Bible Lancaster County 1717-1739 Marriage Bonds 1717-1797 Marriages 1786-1787 Marriages in a Deed Book by John Leland 1793-1795 Assorted Marriages 1795-1810 Marriages by Rawleigh Tapscott Early Marriage Bonds Early Marriage Bonds Misc. Marriages BRACEY Bible CRYMES Bible CLARK Bible DAVES Bible GEE Bible GOODE Bible LEE-GREGORY Bible Marriage Bonds in Lunenburg Court-House STREET Bible TOMLINSON-CROWDER Bible WARD, LAMKIN, BACON, GREGORY, SCOTT, EDWARDS Bibles WILLIAMS Bible YANCEY Bible Mecklenburg County CRUTCHFIELD Marriages BARNER Bible BING Bible BRAME-HESTER Bible DAVIS Bible GREGORY Bible MCCARGO Bible MCCARGO Bible Marriage Bonds and Licenses Miscellaneous Marriage Records RIDOUT Bible Montgomery County 1785-1929 "Re-Ri" Surnames Brides 1786-1927 "V" Surnames Grooms BARNETT Bible BUSHONG/DAVIS Marriage Record, 1788 HOGAN Marriages JEWEL Bible KITTS/WYRICK Marriage Bond, 1786 MCCOMAS/Bailey Marriage Bond, 1787 MEACHAM/MILES Bible NUNLEY Bible SHELOR Bible SHELL/SAWYER Marriage Record, 1851 SHIELDS Bible SHILLING/KING Marriage Record, 1817 SISLER Marriages SHUFFLEBARGER Bible, 1803-1931 SHUFFLEBARGER Bible, 1826-1976 SHUFFLEBARGER Bible, 1893-1976 TAYLOR, John Bible TAYLOR, Styrle Bible VENABLE/MERRIT Marriage, 1809 Nelson County 1851-1926, Groom List 1851-1926, Bride List BALLARD-WHITEHEAD Bible BOWLING Marriages GIANNIEY Marriages GOODE Bible HARVIE/HARVEY Marriages Marriage Register, Book No.

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