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This instrument utilizes the same broomstick neck with a separate one-piece fretboard/headstock. Similar to the "Viking Fiddle" used by Ida Rindlisbacher of the Wisconsin Lumberjacks band in the 1930's.

Too strong, or acrid, or sit for a bit. ...aging is not a bad thing - unless you're trying to age White Owls.

Taste sweet, reminds you of freshly cut hay, with an almost cloying "room note" sit for a bit. They're made to smoke the way they smoke regardless of how long you leave them around.

Does one aspect of the flavor profile overwhelm another...i.e. I got a label maker that I use to print out the date and slap on the ass of the box. I'll do singles if they are special or if I lnow they do better with some down time. I do keep invoices, so if it's not something I buy on a regular basis, I can go back and look to see when they were purchased.

The finished product is a very playable 5-string banjo.

Includes photos of a completed banjo made from the plans.

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I hadn't aged that on purpose, I just had been smoking other cigars and the two were buried under a few others and I forgot about them.