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Also, the fact that I have been saving my first kiss for my future husband is no longer cute now that I’m 30. I may or may not have googled “How to Kiss” a few months ago.3. I will also cancel my eharmony membership despite their no refund policy. I should have used that money for the building fund at church instead of my own love life.

Don’t do anything with the opposite sex that you wouldn’t want your future spouse to do with someone else. Let me cancel all my coffee dates lest it be considered an emotional affair. I can take my ad entitled “Looking for Love” off of craigslist now.

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Sometimes it feels like his plans are limiting us, and sometimes it's not easy to wait for God's timing.Members can add their thoughts to already started forum discussions or create their own topic for others to respond to.Many Christian forums cater to all Christians - whether single or married.I look forward to getting to know members in a more meaningful way through this medium.Thanks for adding the Forums :)" "just wanted to say i love the forum atmosphere fun and informative christian discussion. You just get to see more of a person when they're interacting...

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