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Chris evans and jessica alba dating

certainly helped break me in to understand the amount that was expected." Evans added that despite his concerns about the film, he has a strong love for both the source material and the character himself.

"That's kind of why I like doing the film," Evans explained. "He's doing it because it's the right thing, and that's a really commendable way to live life." Evans recently revealed that Captain America will join the modern day world at some point in the film, and that he will gain a new costume after joining the Avengers.

Her career really took off, however, in 1999 when she landed a small part in "Never Been Kissed" and then won a bigger role in "Idle Hands," 2000.

Humorous when one compares to the video games that so pre-occupy the days of today's kids.Director Tim Story is handicapped with a pretty weak cast, although Julian Mc Mahon ("Charmed", "Nip/Tuck") does a decent job as Victor Von Doom and Michael Chiklis ("The Shield" and a memorable "Seinfeld") is very good as Ben Grimm/The Thing.On the other hand, Jessica Alba and Ion Gruffodd (TV's "Hornblower" series) recite their lines as if threatened by electric shock if they blow one.The appeal of the Fantastic Four was always the isolation and camaraderie of this team.Most super heroes were isolated by their superpowers, but these four could depend on each other and were much stronger as a team than individually.

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Jessica began dating her co-star on "Dark Angel," Michael Weatherly, soon after the series began filming.