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It starts with a honey-skinned Cheryl skipping around a beach with long locks and smiling, wearing oversized wooly jumper.In another scene, Cheryl is on a luxury boat with a group of friends in a white crop-top, denim shorts and bright pink sunglasses.Cheryl has been featured in numerous television programs with "Girls Aloud" members including Girls Aloud: Home Truths (2005), Girls Aloud: Off the Record (2006), The Passions of Girls Aloud (2008), The Girls Aloud Party (2008), and the show that formed the band Popstars: The Rivals (2002).In 2009 Cheryl was given a one off television special entitled Cheryl Cole's Night In , produced for ITV, that aired on December 12, 2009 at pm.The lead single from the album "Promise This" was directed by Sophie Muller, as was the album's second single "The Flood".

In 2010 Cheryl released her second studio album Messy Little Raindrops.During the video she also dances in a yellow crop-top, while shots of her on top of a cliff are also shown.At one point, the singer is in a bed wearing nothing but a white shirt and smudged eyeliner, with glimpses of black, lace underwear underneath, and looks directly into the camera and mouthing "zero fucks given".As the sun sets, Cole walks down a dark street - with yet more dancing - before going back into a café and chatting up a group of soldiers, making sure she nabs a slurp of milkshake on the way.The music video for the song was shot in May 2014 at The Underground Club in London and directed by Colin Tilley. The video sees Cheryl performing the track in The Underground Club, while Tinie Tempah also makes a cameo.

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He is also seen in a convertible with a girl, while they look at moving stars.