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If an attacker were to modify the username field in the URL, inserting a cookie-stealing Java Script, it would possible to gain control of the user's account if they managed to get the victim to visit their URL.

A large percentage of people will be suspicious if they see Java Script embedded in a URL, so most of the time an attacker will URL Encode their malicious payload similar to the example below.

URL Encoded example of Cookie Stealing URL: DOM-based Attack Example Unlike the previous two flavors, DOM based XSS does not require the web server to receive the malicious XSS payload.

Instead, in a DOM-based XSS, the attacker abuses runtime embedding of attacker data in the client side, from within a page served from the web server. For example, an HTML page can have Java Script code that embeds the location/URL of the page into the page. In such case, an attacker can force the client (browser) to render the page with parts of the DOM (the location and/or the referrer) controlled by the attacker.

URL (the page location) into the page, without any consideration for security.

An attacker can abuse this by luring the client to click on a link such as It is quite possible that other DOM objects can be used too, particularly if the DOM is extended.

With MAXScripts, your wish could easily be granted.

Unlike Plug-ins, scripts are just plain text that 3D Max understands and which Automate certain tasks like Modeling, Texturing, Animating, Lighting, to name a few.

Examples of an attacker's favorite targets often include message board posts, web mail messages, and web chat software.

Non-persistent attacks and DOM-based attacks require a user to either visit a specially crafted link laced with malicious code, or visit a malicious web page containing a web form, which when posted to the vulnerable site, will mount the attack.

Using a malicious form will oftentimes take place when the vulnerable resource only accepts HTTP POST requests.

When an attacker gets a user's browser to execute his/her code, the code will run within the security context (or zone) of the hosting web site.

With this level of privilege, the code has the ability to read, modify and transmit any sensitive data accessible by the browser.

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A browser instance can be a standard web browser client, or a browser object embedded in a software product such as the browser within Win Amp, an RSS reader, or an email client.

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