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Carbon dating new testament

One of the difficulties of human communication is that the same word conveys different meanings to different people.

For example, the word ‘peace’ means one thing to an American and another to the communist.

It is for this reason I would like to attempt to define what a New Testament church should be.

In our first message, we shall attempt an overview or broad definition, and in subsequent messages we shall be much more specific.

Most people would associate this term with Sunday, stained glass and sermons. By and large this expression is as meaningless to the unbeliever as a ‘left-handed monkey wrench’ is to most of our wives.

Even within the Christian community there is great variance as to what this term connotes.

We should all agree that a New Testament church is a church which believes and teaches the doctrines of the New Testament.As all forms of life adapt themselves to their environment, so does the Life of Christ by His Spirit in the church.Few, if any, conservative Christian scholars would dare make such a sweeping statement as Mr.Without adherence to these fundamentals, no church should have the right to call itself New Testament.If this were the only measure of a New Testament church, then every church which is orthodox in its doctrinal statement could be legitimately identified as a New Testament church, but there is much more that is necessary than this. A New Testament church is a church which is structured and governed in accordance with New Testament principles and practices.

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Let’s take another word, ‘snow.’ To our children, this word stimulates associations which are very positive.

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