Cancer woman dating taurus man

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Keep him engaged with gentle caresses and whispers of affection that tickle his ear and neck, and he will reciprocate with his own electric touch.

His sensuality makes up for his tried and true methods, for he doesn’t like change.

The Taurus guy is looking for a woman who can hold her own in a discussion, so try to appeal to his more sophisticated nature.

He appreciates grace and beauty so play up your classy side and tone down the excessive make-up or big hair on your first date.

And don’t expect any grand romantic gestures from this zodiac sign either.The Taurus male admires you in ways other men may not even see, so take the same amount of time he does to get ready for a date or prepare an activity together.He never rushes into anything, including a serious commitment, so be patient with him. This is also true when the Taurus man decides to bring you to bed, for he is slow and steady here as well.And together, they will build the most beautiful home anyone can ever build.She will probably decorate with an aquarium, snuggling couches and picture windows.

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As an earth sign he is quite grounded, so don’t expect him to play games. Read these tried and tested dating tips that will help improve your love compatibility with the Taurean.

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