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Lu Lu told me that she had seen me before with some girls.

I told her that I dated a lot but didn't have a steady girlfriend.

One night I picked up Lu Lu and we drove to a friend of mine.

I was already drinking when I arrived at Lu Lu's house.

A Dutch Indonesian friend of mine was getting married to an American girl. Before I went to the wedding I had stopped at several bars with a friend of mine.

When I arrived at the wedding reception the bride and groom and all their friends were already in the ballroom.

In those days there were hardly any Orientals around Syracuse, and a Karen of Burma most people had never heard about.

Lu Lu was even asked to show one of the native dances in the middle of the dance floor.

Even though I dated Lu Lu, that didn't get me off my bad drinking habits.When I got to her table I asked her who she was and where she came from.She said that her name was Lu Lu and that she came from Burma.When I first dated Lu Lu I never thought it would last for very long as I was still dating other girls. I noticed that whenever I took Lu Lu to my friends, she would never go empty handed into their homes.When I told Lu Lu sometimes that I couldn't pick her up on a certain day because I had a date with one of my other friends, Lu Lu couldn't understand. She always had a present or bought some kind of groceries for them.

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As the night went on I must have drunk too many beers, I remember I paid twenty-five cents a bottle.