Bsd updating usrsrc

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This article describes the source upgrade process from 5. It is essentially the same as the handbook chapter, modified to highlight a few potential pitfalls in the upgrade process.

There are three basic updating options, although the source update can be considered the 'standard' method.

For a major update like this, you may want to simply install the GENERIC kernel, and then customize it and rebuild when you know the major version change hasn't disrupted something on your system. You can refer to ports for more information about this.

See Kernels,_Custom for information on customizing a kernel. Follow these steps in order, as long as they do not produce error messages.

See this document for our documentation on how to track Net BSD-current.

If you are running a stable Net BSD release (such as Net BSD 6.1), in a production environment, you should occasionally update your sources and rebuild the system or the kernel, in order to incorporate any security fixes that have been applied to the branch since its release.

This script will bring you through each of your configuration files and ask you if you want to update to the new settings that it has found.

This will really depend on the settings files that are being updated.

If you continue in multiuser mode you should realize there is a significant probability that you will break your system.

For example, to checkout the sources for the Net BSD 6.1 release branch, you would use: kernel.

If a security advisory has been issued, and you want to just rebuild the necessary libraries and applications, your best bet is to follow the instructions provided in the advisory.

There are potential problems updating a system from 5.1-5.3 to 6.0 directly.

Although they do not affect everyone, it is highly recomended to upgrade at least to RELENG_5_4 or RELENG_5 (Read Free BSD_Release_Branches for definitions of these tags) before upgrading to 6.0 .

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Restore configuration files Restore from your notes taken during the mergemaster -p phase, and the saved configuration files in the #Backups step.