Britney gastineau dating

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After that, Brittny was linked with a fashion model whose name is yet to be revealed, but that ship sank earlier this year.

So, good news guys, Brittny is back in the market!!!!!!

However, nowadays Brittny maintains a low profile in the media, and it seems like she's enjoying her possible singlehood to the fullest.

Sources reported that Marquis and Brittny's combat was mutual.

One scene in “Bruno” features Sacha Baron Cohen (as a flamboyant Austrian fashion reporter) showing photos of celebrity babies, and asking the reality starlet if she would “keep” or “abort” them. Considering this interview from Page Six is the first I’ve heard of the Brittny Gastineau scene, I suspect this is far from the most shocking content in the film.

Bruno shows Brittny photos of celebrity babies and asks her for a designation of “keep” or “abort”. When Bruno got to a photo of Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby Maddie. And now Brittny has taken her “just joking” defense to BRITTNY Gastineau doesn’t really think Jamie Lynn Spears should have had an abortion instead of giving birth to now 1-year-old daughter Maddie Briann. [From Page Six] Sacha Baron Cohen gets so many people to say crazy stuff, it’s kind of no longer shocking.

And during the incident, Brittny got a severe black eye from her ex-beau which she showed off without wearing any makeup.

The longtime best pal of Kim Kardashian was out and about last night, showing up at not one but two paparazzi hot spots looking to show it off.

Gastineau also dated illusionist David Blaine for a brief period of time.

The duo met while attending Kim and Kanye's wedding in Florence and hit it off.

yet, but I think I’ve got one of the situations down: Bruno “interviews” random semi-famous people and gets them to say really embarrassing stuff. When shown a sonogram of what Bruno claims was Spears’ unborn fetus, Gastineau cheerfully decrees, “Abort it! “It’s crazy how serious some people can get.” She said, “The whole time I was talking in this high, jokey voice, and I was just kidding along with it.” “Everyone who follows me on Twitter has said that they know I was joking. I also suspect that it’s one of those situations D-List celebrities find themselves in – they do something weird or gross or shocking, and when nobody notices or cares, they talk about it in a half-assed apology or explanation, trying to get some kind of press out of it.

Brittny Gastineau was one of those random semi-famous people! I think [Cohen] is one of the funniest people alive, so when I got there, I decided just to spoof myself and be a dumb idiot.” Gastineau admits that she didn’t realize Cohen was going to interview her before she arrived. ‘Gastineau Girls’ was aired in 54 countries, and I thought I was doing a promotional interview for a German TV show,” said the daughter of legendary Jets lineman Mark Gastineau.

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She has been romantically linked to Michael Phelps, Luis Miguel and Jerry Ferrara. He is best known as a cast member of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York.