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Bleach espada dating game

The mantra repeated throughout this fight is "if your enemy's weapon turns to your weapon, then the opposite is true." Hitsugaya's ice-type zanpakutou paired up against Harribel's water based zanpakutou creates a truly exciting back and forth fight.Having zanpakutou with similar elemental powers they fought seeking out the same suitable conditions, but in the end, the conditions were more in Hitsugaya's favor.

Following the way of the sword, and gripping the sword with both hands, Kenpachi is able to fall his formidable foe in one swing of his sword.

Two nonchalant fighters should lead to an entirely unfulfilling fight, shouldn’t it?

Much of the fight features the two fiercely going at it, all the while admiring their opponent's ability and commenting on their preference to not be fighting.

Even when Szayelaporro reveals that he's virtually immortal, Mayuri remains unphased, as ends the fight in perhaps one of the most brutal ways in all of Bleach.

This fight makes the list because of how often it ebbs and flows (pun intended) in the favor of Hitsugaya and Harribel.

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The Invasion of Hueco Mundo Arc should really be renamed to the Grudge Match Arc.