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Bisexual bicurious dating

A 10-year study of bisexual women cited by Psychology Today found that, at the end of the study period, 89 percent of all the women studied were in long-term, faithful relationships.

The myth of the bisexual who cannot be faithful is a powerful one — but it is completely unfounded.

(They didn't ask respondents to give their sexual orientation.)Adam & Eve sexpert Dr.

Kat Van Kirk took this information to be positive; after all, 35 percent is a reasonable approval rating, and indicates that perhaps things are moving forward in terms of societal acceptance and homophobic attitudes.

And they're more numerous than you think; a new study of 1000 people over 18, conducted by intimate toy website Adam & Eve (so we can assume they were not working with a particularly conservative group of subjects), has found that 47 percent of respondents had no intention of ever dating a bisexual person, while 35 percent said they were open to it and 19 percent said they were undecided.

Within the study, 39 percent of men said they were open to dating a bisexual person, while 31 percent of women said they were; 15 percent of men versus 23 percent of women were unsure.

As data is increasingly revealing (and as all openly bisexual people have known for years), identifying as bisexual actually significantly contracts your dating pool, by eliminating all those people who are unwilling, for one reason or another, to contemplate having a bisexual romantic partner.Some don't come clean about it until a little way into a relationship; others, like me, deliberately test the waters on the first date by mentioning ex-girlfriends or boyfriends, to see if the person has any issues.(I did this so successfully on my first date with my now-husband that he assumed I was gently hinting that I was a lesbian and therefore not interested.The issue is usually to do with worries about "trendiness" (no person wants to be an otherwise straight person's gay "experiment" as they try to look cool) or about long-term orientation; as some gay people originally identified as bisexual throughout the course of their coming out, it can be seen as a "phase" or "in-between" zone, a less serious orientation that represents a person either deluded about their straightness or uncomfortable with their gayness.Bisexual identification isn't actually all that flexible (in the 10-year study I mentioned before, only 8 percent of the women had changed their orientation from bi to something else by the end).

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It's openly societally acceptable that straight men find girl-on-girl activity "hot," and therefore believe that bisexual women may be OK as partners (though this reasoning is obviously harmful).