Barney frank dating fannie mae

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This captures the whole fact in question without the incendiary insinuation that Co M tries, in bad faith, to create as a slander against Frank. There are six sentences that right now (with disputed "mafia" phrase removed) comprise his "early life" section, which cover roughly ages 1-30.

Adding the disputed content would make 2/7 = 29% of the section about his early life talking about how his dad was involved in crime.

The source is Frank himself, as stated in his book.

Can we please be careful so as not to suggest that Frank is corrupt by association with his father, or that Frank is somehow connected.

Together, they brought us the financial crisis relating to Fannie and Freddie. Frank says this “will deal with regulations of financial derivatives market associated with reducing carbon emissions.” Over at the Next Right, Ironman points out that Mrs.

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Fasten your seat belt, you're in for a bumpy ride when you watch this video of Bill O'Reilly losing what little cool he has with Congressman Barney Frank, accusing him of failing to properly oversee the banking industry.

Bill points the finger at Frank for saying that failed lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were sound -- a claim O'Reilly says mislead Americans. " Bill screams at Frank, who denies encouraging Americans to buy stock. " "You start ranting, and the only way to respond is to almost talk as boorish as you," Frank blasted.

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Now they want to do the same to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.