Backdating options sec

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Backdating options sec

Sorin is also alleged to have facilitated a similar backdating scheme at Ulticom, a Comverse subsidiary, by creating false company records.

In settling the fraud charges, Sorin neither admitted or denied the allegations.

There is absolutely no doubt that what has happened with the options backdating story is what usually happens when there is a contagion event across many companies.

The SEC’s press release about the settlement can be found here.

The SEC had charged Sorin, along with former Comverse CEO Kobi Alexander and David Kreinberg, Comverse’s former CFO, of engaging in a scheme to backdate Comverse options grants from 1991 to 2001.

By contrast, Professor Ribstein contends (here) that the same options grant involved no culpable activity and that the grant date was reasonably fixed at a date certain so that the exercise price could be fixed while Jobs continued his negotiations with the company over the size of the grant.

Without having the benefit of complete information, it is hard to tell what the government ultimately may do in connection with the options backdating at Apple, or for that matter at any of the other companies that are under investigation.

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