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Next, the theory is discussed that homogamy for socioeconomic status is responsible for the observed correlations between abilities and between beauty and brains.The final section summarizes some research on factors influencing the personal preferences for personality and physical type which govern the selection of potential mates.

A new study* of hundreds of thousands of couples investigates the link.We take assortative mating to mean the tendency of men and women who marry to have similar social characteristics (i.e., homogamy), although, broadly speaking, assortative mating may refer to any nonrandom mixing of spousal characteristics.Assortative mating is a commonly observed phenomenon in human societies (1–10).Thus, assortative mating could result from selection, not by rational choice, but by the dynamics of social structures.Assortative mating—marriage of a man and a woman with similar social characteristics—is a commonly observed phenomenon.

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But in reality the highly educated increasingly married each other.

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