Are matt hardy lita dating noel fielding is dating

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Now, he gets paid quite a bit less for his TNA appearances, but he’s loving life. “When I first saw a TNA pay-per-view, the X Division stood out. it’s hard not to fall in love with that kind of stuff.” That kind of stuff being guys like AJ Styles. And now it’s Jeff, who’s been a shoulder for Matt to lean on. “I look at AJ Styles and that’s how I used to feel,” said Hardy. Maybe if I ever got a chance, if TNA ever went head-to-head with RAW, I’d get that feeling back … Matt is suffering heartbreak after his long-time, real-life girlfriend Amy Dumas (Lita) left him for Adam Copeland (Edge). I’d be motivated to go all out.” Going all out is what contributed to Hardy’s exit from WWE. One day, Matt came up here and played his messages. Lita continued to feud with Stratus by proxy over the following weeks, with Kane defeating Stratus' companion, Viscera, at Backlash on May 1.God I was so mad at Lita and Edge back then, as a massive Hardys/Team Xtreme mark I didn't know what to think and then Matt got released. Still unsure just how much of it was a work though.

His wife Beth had to step in at one point and convince Jeff of the problems that his drug addiction was causing his family. I hate you right now.’ So while his brother tries to sort out his feelings, Jeff is just chilling. I remember when this went down I went on Matt Hardy's message board to get more info, started talking to some girl on there about it. They seriously killed the Goldberg-Brock match before it even started.Despite their differences, the couple married in October and have happily been appearing together on Impact TV ever since.Reby is also a wrestler and even though she played more of a role with her husband's storylines than she did in the Women's Division in Impact, she is considered to be a talented wrestler amongst many fans.

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Yep, Jeff Hardy says he expects he’ll be joined in TNA by his brother Matt, whose 90-day no-compete clause with WWE will expire on July 10.