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You get a sense that he’s interacting with it, that he’s in the moment.” ‘s narrative is virtually Hitchcockian in the way it reveals certain stark, surprising truths, slowly edging toward a climax that has inevitability and dread scrawled all over it.

A look at how one man copes with the brutal way his secrets precipitated a grave, unrectifiable tragedy, the film resonates with sorrow and longing.

For his part, Rapp welcomed the experience to play what he considers a character with darker tendencies.

“There’s something about that exploration of human beings’ darker impulses that always really fascinates me,” he says over the course of a wide-ranging 45-minute conversation that covers everything from his screen debut in series, in which he’ll play a Starfleet officer who also happens to be gay.

I think that because he’s just so remarkably skilled, he was able to bring those scenes to life.

Make them more than just somebody reading text on screen.

Playing Brad, he notes, was a “really, really intimate and vulnerable” experience.

We just literally put one foot in front of the other in a very naïve way and it kind of worked out. It wasn’t a coming-out — I was like, “This is something I’ve wanted to do.” I stood up for myself in this unusually bold way, but she was worried that I’d been taken advantage of by an older kid. I don’t think there were many, if any, AIDS cases that she was personally dealing with as a nurse in Joliet, but she was very aware of it. After we had that conversation, I was like, “Maybe if she’s concerned, I need to be more concerned.” Until that point I don’t remember having any personal torment in my head about it.“Watch it and you feel like you’re inside his brain reacting at the same time he is.There’s no doubt that ANTHONY RAPP: Mom was a nurse and she got a job at a summer camp, and my brother Adam, my sister and I went to the camp with her for the summer.Both have very vivid characters, identifiable human beings and people take these characters into their hearts.I don’t know for sure if people say this about RAPP: Absolutely.

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Adam was an athlete, and he was doing his basketball or baseball practices, and she made it all work as a single mom.