Amy lee of evanescence dating shaun morgan

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Instead, she chose to live in South Africa with their daughter.

I don’t think any one thing stands out.”“No matter how many people say you’re amazing or great…it’s the one person who says, ‘Hey man, you suck.’ And that’s the person that affects you…””I don’t know why anybody would want to be like me, I have issues.””I wish someone had told me when I was 21 that it would probably be a good idea to take care of myself.“Most of the stuff I listen to nowadays is sung by a lady, which is pretty awesome.”Although successful in their own countries, none of those bands ever broke into the UK/US market in as big a way as Evanescence.We put it to her that, in contrast to the more conceptual lyrical themes of Nightwish et al, Evanescence’s songs are more grounded in reality.“There’s something very honest in our music,” she concurs. Despite talking to press all day, the Evanescence singer and gothic rock superstar is warm and chatty, anticipating our next question with a, “C’mon, what you got, whatcha got? “You’re my last in a looong block of interviews,” she tells us in her throaty, sing-song voice before we begin – but to her credit, it’s clear that when it comes to talking about Evanescence, she’s so fiercely proud of her band that she relishes the chance to set a few things straight.Over 22 years, Evanescence have continued to defy expectation.

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But far from being annoyed, Amy shows a lot of solidarity for her peers.

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