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It is a dazzling visual spectacle, full of sound and fury, but signifying not quite enough.

At times it feels like watching Blackadder directed by Peter Greenaway.

Then again, that victory was always assured anyway.

History is generally written by broadsheet-reading Blur fans, not the red-top Gallagher massive.

Pat and his friends made good use of the many parks and bodies of water in Austin, especially Deep Eddy, West Enfield, Barton Creek and even the pool at UT.

He was a member of The Knot Hole Gang at UT and attended all the games there.

Perhaps he should call intended collaborator Alan Moore to help him fix it?

That quick marriage lasted sixty four years and three months.

Pat and Cynthia raised three children in Beaumont, Texas, and they are survived by Bradley G.

Most were interesting, many successful, all praised to the skies.

Albarn turned from the Britpop Jude Law to the Martin Amis of modern music - a pop polymath and cultural icon, often divisive but impossible to ignore, a Serious Artist never troubled by niggling doubts about the limits of his talents.


He had a horse named Silver and there were ducks and chickens and a variety of dogs.