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Amber Rose‘s modeling career truly started after appearing in Young Jeezy’s “Put On” music video in 2008.She caught the attention of Kanye West and gained exposure from modeling West’s sneaker line in a Louis Vuitton ad.Kim’s suit also alleged the company intentionally tried to create that confusion and their actions “violated her rights to her name and likeness.” Yes — Kim is that delusional.Kim is hoping to squeeze an estimated million dollars out of the company and take her suit to a jury-based trial. This whole lawsuit episode was largely overshadowed by Kim’s massive wedding, which took place the following month.July 2010 - July 2010Amber Rose and Reggie Bush were spotted canoodling in the summer of 2010, when she reportedly gave him a lap dance at an ESPY party.Rose later declined to comment on the alleged hookup.New information about the depths of her money love demonstrate that Kim will stop at nothing for a few more Benjamins in the bank!Last July, Kim filed a lawsuit against Old Navy for using Melissa Molinaro in a TV commercial.

On her free time, she likes to walk around the city to find the best latte art.Rose is best known for her stunning, close-cropped blonde looks and for dating rapper Kanye West.Click here for the photos which may, or may not, be evidence of a budding romance.Our Kardashian report from this weekend continues to grow, in fact, ABC News and GMA just picked it up this morning linking to our original story.In mere days, it has become one of our most popular stories ever!

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He’s elected to keep his personal life more private since breaking up with Kim, and that’s probably for the best.

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