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Alexander skarsgard dating history

Later on, he also attended Marymount Manhattan College and did a theater course. After attending theater classes for several months, Alexander moved to New York pursuing his dreams. In the year 2003, he worked as a director in a film “To Kill a Child” for which he won ‘Odense International Film Festival’ twice in the different category. Seeing his performance in this field we can assume that he earns a good salary.

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Though uncertain about the exact career path to tread at some point in life, choosing acting has become one of Skarsgård’s best decisions yet.

Besides acting, however, the smoldering Swede is the inspiration behind the popular term ‘skarsbrow’ which is a reference to the unbelievably sexy way he raises his left eyebrow.

Though unmarried and happy to live out of a suitcase, the smoldering Swede plans to have nine children in the future.

However, the hunky actor who is presumed to be fully enjoying the moment and living the Hollywood life has an interesting dating history.

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Though he began his acting career quite early, Skarsgård was initially torn in between training to be an actor or pursuing other interests.