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Alex pettyfer and april pearson dating

It is very similar to the eighties film Slaughter High except for the fact Jon Wright embraces British culture, instead of trying to make an American film.Tormented is a horror/comedy and in a lot of ways it does to the slasher film what Shaun of the Dead did to zombie movies years prior, fans of Shaun will enjoy the film for its humor and its use of gory FX to tell its story.

Outside of the funeral Alexis and his group of friends are talking about the party they are going to have that night, Alexis informs his group of pals that he is going to ask Justine to be his date.When one of the girls in the group suggest that they do a shot as a final send off to Darren Justine gets sad and admits to the group that she doesn’t even remember what the poor boy looked like.The DJ from the party however has his own way of sending Darren off and that is by pissing on his grave.REVIEW: Directed by: Jon Wright Starring: Tuppence Middleton, Calvin Dean, Alex Pettyfer, April Pearson “A new class of terror!” Jon Wrights Tormented is a slasher film of the British variety.

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